sunset_sonata (retrodreams921) wrote in sexy_business,

Welcome to SEXY_business livejournal community. This community is here to talk about... well sexy business. Take a look at the information page to get a jist of just a few things that we will have posts about. If you are interested in joining this community please comment and select your self to monitor the community which can be found on the information page near the top.
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haha, you have foreskin listed as an interest!
Youre comepletely right, i have a cuple of female friends who have admitted to it (they arnt a couple), i just think that every1 is 2 concerned with public oppinion to admit the truth

sry bout the spelling, bt i dont trust online spell checkers
mind if i add you?

Deleted comment

please add me, it would be my honor
Hey guys, what happened to retrodreams921? When I try to open his profile the site says "Error: This journal has been deleted and purged." Keeper, give this spell checker a try, maybe you'll like it.

I think it's totally mainstream now. I don't know too many girls over the age of 16 that don't admit to at least using a vibrator on occasion. They may not tell a total stranger that they go south but I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of now unless they live in an Amish compound. I think knowing your body is sexy and a very imtimate act. It's a huge confidence booster for me and I've never had a man of mine tell me that he felt threatened by a woman touching herself.